Tackling the Third Box

You know the old joke about business people who have three boxes on their desks: one says “In,” another says “Out,” and the third says “Too Hard.” 

Well, for many businesses this is no joke. Issues abound that seem to be “too hard”, whether for lack of resources or skills, or simply because it’s difficult to know where to start.

This is compounded by what we might call “maintenance pressure” – the need when budgeting time comes around to continue to do all the regular mainstream things that always seem essential.  But they quickly chew up your time and your budget, leaving you to fall back on that old standby strategy, “last year plus ten percent”. If it’s near impossible to find the resources to do all the regular things, how will you ever be able to turn your attention to the “too hard” stuff?

Meanwhile, that third box is filling up with issues that, if only you could get round to them, are potential game-changers.  You know that, and worryingly your competitors know that too, so how do you do more with less?

This is where the concept of a Brand Posse comes in.  A multi-disciplinary team of hard-nosed professionals, eclectic lateral-thinking creatives, unflappable process experts, and your own best managers, the Brand Posse meets regularly to tackle the issues that would otherwise continue to gather dust behind that “too hard” sign.

Their brief is to devise high-level solutions to today’s intractable problems and/or tomorrow’s looming challenges, which are then handed back to your management team for detailed feasibility assessment and implementation. 

One brief at a time, the Brand Posse empties the third box, ensuring that whatever else happens, it won’t be for lack of being properly prepared for what the future brings.

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