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Andy the Speaker

Andy is a seasoned conference speaker delivering keynote presentations that focus on the power of brands to accelerate business growth. Packed with case studies that simultaneously entertain and inform, Andy’s style fuses wit with wisdom in a manner that has long been familiar to followers of his weekly “Heroes & Zeroes” feature on Talk Radio 702.

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Andy the Writer

Whether it’s being a regular columnist or an ad hoc commentator, Andy has always enjoyed committing his views on the marketing and advertising world to the written word. A common thread running through his writing has been the primacy of creativity in all aspects of business. He argues that without creativity and the courage to foster it, the pursuit of marketing effectiveness is futile.

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Andy the Strategist

Strategy has been at the heart of everything Andy has pursued in his career. Starting in FMCG marketing, he then moved on to advertising, rising to be head of strategy at Ogilvy Johannesburg before co-founding Yellowwood, a leading strategy consultancy that is now part of the TBWA/Omnicom group. Within the industry, Andy is active in judging awards schemes such as Loeries, Apex and Cannes Lions. He was recently recognised by his peers through his receipt of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Every start-up needs to harness the power of branding, sooner rather than later. The more you delay, the more you deny your company the proven value that comes from being truly brand-centric. Discover the essential principles that ensure that your start-up’s brand kicks off on the RightFoot.

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Every organisation’s brand, no matter how established, no matter how strong, can always be stronger. All it takes is an appetite for scaling the dizzy heights of risk and reward. Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of that diving board? And then to jump off?

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The Brand Posse

Tackling the Third Box

You know the old joke about business people who have three boxes on their desks: one says “In,” another says “Out,” and the third says “Too Hard.” 

Well, for many businesses this is no joke. Issues abound that seem to be “too hard”, whether for lack of resources or skills, or simply because it’s difficult to know where to start.

This is compounded by what we might call “maintenance pressure” – the need when budgeting time comes around to continue to do all the regular mainstream things that always seem essential.  But they quickly chew up your time and your budget, leaving you to fall back on that old standby strategy, “last year plus ten percent”. If it’s near impossible to find the resources to do all the regular things, how will you ever be able to turn your attention to the “too hard” stuff?


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