“Stop interrupting what I am interested in,
and start being what I am interested in”
Andy Rice. Head and shoulders above the rest

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  • They always say that great outdoor ads have as little copy as possible. How about zero copy? And no brand name? Or… https://t.co/SRgrCYaYbg  Mon 19 Mar 17:02
  • Why does Supersport still refer to Sahara Stadium Kingsmead? It may be technically correct, but why give a Gupta co… https://t.co/9yDDdY83dv  Sat 03 Mar 09:28
  • The long snaking queue at the Newlands spring evokes memories of waiting to vote in 94. Appropriate metaphor for ho… https://t.co/dJGL8MoUaF  Wed 31 Jan 07:37
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