“Stop interrupting what I am interested in,
and start being what I am interested in”
Andy Rice. Head and shoulders above the rest

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  • First my bank, then Uber, announce fee "changes" for 2019. Are they simply too lily-livered to use the word "incre… https://t.co/aqSQS3hltV  Fri 07 Dec 11:34
  • Benson the Bodacious, Great Dane Extraordinaire, is on high security duty, poised like a coiled spring, ready to re… https://t.co/lAiBMUjuK3  Sat 17 Nov 20:08
  • DHL beware, the SA Post Office is getting better. Only five and a half months to deliver a package mailed from the… https://t.co/b6kqQUKCIT  Tue 30 Oct 09:22
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